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The fairytale got it wrong. The part in the story where Cinderella turns into a pumpkin after midnight just isn’t true. I wish I was in bed before midnight, even just one night of the week, but it never seems to happen in this household and there’s not a pumpkin in sight. Plenty of cups of tea and often a sneaky stash of chocolate, but no pumpkin.

Hi! My name is Kelly. I’m a wife, a mummy, a teacher at heart, a family business owner/operator, and a real life Cinderella. No, I’m not a princess, but I believe a pair of shoes can change everything! Oh, and I have the perfect sample-sized feet and I married Mr Charming! I love yoga (and need it for my sanity), drinking tea (and pretty tea cups), reading (although I’m still on the same book since the start of 2012), music, tv series that you have to pay for, polka dots, chocolate, lip gloss and shoes! I love fashion too, and dream of being one of those stylish girls that just knows how to put it all together, but I don’t. I’m a ‘girly girl’ and I’m secretly happy with that.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my husband, Mr Charming (he’s no prince, but he is charming and I love him so). We have two beautiful daughters. Miss almost three, who could quite easily be mistaken for four and if you asked her, would say she’s almost ready for school! She is a whirlwind. A little mini cyclone that twirls around me everyday, keeping me well on my toes. And Miss just turned one, who quietly goes about her day, never failing to surprise me with the things she learns as she observes and then suddenly achieves. She is a giggler and her chuckle melts my heart.

real life cinderella family b&wOnce a teacher, always a teacher, I am a trained Early Childhood Educator who put teaching on hold to work with my husband in his family shoe business, get married and have babies. Three years on, I’m filling my teaching void by pinning creative activities to do with my girls.

I’ve wanted to write a blog about my journey of working with my husband (& the in-laws!), becoming a mummy and the shoes in my life, for some time now. I can’t promise it will always be interesting, but I do always promise sensational shoes! I’d love to share my story with you, so please, put on a pot of tea and park yourself in a comfy spot.

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